3 Storey Renovation & Remodelling Project, Ballyhackamore

The Problem

Our clients purchased a beautiful 3 storey townhouse that was built in 1897. As with many old houses, it was full of character but in dire need of modernisation.

Many of the rooms were small, cramped and cold, with a large chimney stack running through the middle of them.

The ground floor had a dark, damp, and small kitchen, with a low door into a tiny dining room.

The property had one poorly configured bathroom that did not suit our client’s needs.

The Solution

We expanded the available floor space by removing the chimney stack that had spanned all 3 floors of the property.

We converted the previously cramped kitchen and dining rooms into a single, well-lit, open-plan kitchen-dining area by removing a load-bearing wall.

We added several new window and door openings in the existing walls to allow more natural light into the property

We reconfigured and remodelled the existing bathroom, while also adding a new under-stair toilet on the ground floor

We set the project off by designing and building a bespoke, heavy railway sleeper pergola to complete the client’s outdoor space.

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