2 Storey Studio Garage & Single-Storey Extension, Strangford

The Problem

Our clients owned a beautiful, detached bungalow that was situated only a few hundred metres from the shores of Strangford lough.

The plot itself extended to approximately one acre, with beautiful expansive gardens both front and back.

The stunning plot offered breath-taking views of Strangford lough and its many picturesque islands, but the layout of the existing bungalow did not take advantage of the available views.

Surprisingly for a country home of this size, there was no garage. That left our clients scrambling for storage space for their bikes, lawnmowers, barbecues, kayaks, and other equipment.

The Solution

To make the most of the stunning views offered by the location, we built a tailor-made extension featuring expansive, full-height vaulted ceilings. The distinctive design included a one-off apex window that stretched all the way to the ridgeline of the property. In addition to this, panoramic full-height windows wrapped around the entire shoreside aspect of the extension, creating a unique, one-off lounge area that became the centrepiece of the house.

We also built a large, two-storey studio garage. The ground level of the garage features an open-plan storage area and a compact WC toilet. This not only provides our clients with the storage capacity they require but also gives them a convenient outdoor toilet to use while working or relaxing in the garden or the new garage.

The entire first floor of the new garage is an expansive studio space. Two large roof windows provide abundant natural light, and a compact “port” style window gives stunning first-floor views over Strangford Lough. This setup not only created a bright and inviting space, but it also provided a large open plan area for at-home working, recreation, and entertaining.

We also undertook extensive landscaping works that included a beautiful ranch style timber fence, two striking Mourne granite gateposts, an expansive concrete driveway, and meticulously finished ‘brushed & trowelled’ concrete pathways surrounding the entire house.

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